Arbor Brewing Company Barrel-aged Sour Program

Since 2002, Arbor Brewing Company has been producing quality sour beers. The program began with founders Matt and Rene Greff visiting Belgium and falling in love with the sour beers they had there. The program began at our original Ann Arbor Brewpub location. When we opened Corner Brewery in 2006, the program expanded.

Today, both locations continue to produce our sour brands. Each year we explore new ingredients, blends, and styles. Below we have the sour options at each location. Most of the sour brands coming out of Corner Brewery are available at bars, restaurants, and specialty beer stores.

Check the Brewpub and Corner Brewery tap lists to see what sours are on tap!

Corner Brewery Barrel-Aged Sours
Ann Arbor Brewpub Barrel-Aged Sours