Liquid Vinyl Anthology Series

Liquid Vinyl Anthology Series: Three Variations, all aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill and Buffalo Trace! Anthology - Liquid Vinyl aged in Kentucky bourbon casks, we blended beers aged a minimum of 7 months and up to 2 years to create this vintage. 12.6% ABV Churro Style - Anthology with added lactose, Mexican Cinnamon and Vanilla to be reminiscent of the Mexican pastry. 12% ABV Rare Vinyl - Small number of select casks of Liquid Vinyl aged in Buffalo trace barrels for 18 months. 13% ABV Order Online Pre-Orders for these three variations will open on 11/25 and they will be sold while supplies last. There are limits to bottler orders: 1 bottle of Rare Vinyl, 2 bottles of Anthology, 2 bottles of Churro Style.
Availability: N/A Style: Stout Shelf Life: N/A